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 Region Director's Message

What I did on my summer vacation….

While for obvious reasons I tend to take more time off during the winter season, I do like a little down time during summer for other pursuits. This year, I did not go to Cape Cod, Hawaii, or Disney World, instead I went to Harrison, Maine.

Certified Group PicHarrison, Maine, you ask. What in the world is in Harrison, Maine? Well, there is a beautiful lake there where my wife, Susan, and I camped and swam, went boating, picnicked, and sat around giant bonfires telling tales of what else……skiing and ski patrolling. And, while all of this sounds great, there is one more fact about Harrison, Maine, that drew us to this small Maine town some 30 miles northwest of Portland……..that is, it is the home of the Certified Bootcamp.

Now, the word ‘bootcamp’ probably conjures up some images in your mind of early morning calisthenics, including perhaps a 10-mile run and hundreds of push-ups. However, this is really not a proper descriptor of this event. While an early morning ski down the glassy lake is a possibility, or a swim to get the blood going, that is the extent of it, and all voluntary. Instead, based on your interest, what this event offers is a low key, Continue reading

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In Memory of Kevin Whitley

Kevin Whitley celebrating his most recent birthdayIt is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Kevin Whitley. Kevin (19), son of Ragged Mountain Patroller Ray Whitley, was critically injured in a skateboarding accident in Dunbarton, NH on Sunday, July 12, 2015. Kevin was a constant presence at Ragged Mountain, often found on his snowboard at his father’s side, and always with a smile on his face. This is a tremendous loss to the Ragged Mountain Patrol and New Hampshire Region family. We ask that you remember Kevin in your prayers. Continue reading

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From the Region Board

MTR Enrichment Program at Black Mountain

With a stiff breeze on my face and the smell of emerging earth, I arrived at Black Mountain Ski Area in Jackson NH for an MTR Enrichment Seminar.  This past week really reminded me of how long and cold a winter we’ve … Continue reading

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Black Mountain Toboggan Enhancement Seminar

What a great day we had! Despite predicted unfavorable weather all participants arrived on time with eagerness to start the day! We had a total of thirteen students of varying degrees of proficiency and four talented instructors: Deb Brown TE, Walter Hoeckele ATI,

Jake Jacobson TE and Myself , Lisa Kling TE. I presented an informal overview of what we would like to cover for the day and what to expect taking into consideration the terrain available to us and the different ski levels of our large group.

Black Mtn, Toboggan Enhancement 2015

A good warm up run top to bottom with each participants demonstrating a little bit of all short, medium and long radius turns was helpful in determining the selection of our groups. We broke into three groups. Jake and Walter having four students each and Deb And I working together with five. Continue reading

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NH Region Patrollers Banquet

This year our Patroller’s Banquet will be hosted at Ragged Mountain Resort, Danbury NH,  on Saturday April 18, 2015. Festivities will begin with registration at 5:00 PM, a cocktail hour from 5:30-6:30 offering delicious appetizers and plenty of time to reconnect with … Continue reading

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