Patroller Awards Luncheon at Waterville Valley Village

The Section Chiefs have been listening; the membership wanted a different, more casual awards presentation. Our mission was to create a less formal affair, seeking warmer weather during daylight hours with family-friendly activities to include the kids.

Please set aside the afternoon of Saturday, May 5th, 2018 to gather at the Waterville Valley Village Conference Center for a casual BBQ luncheon, followed by NH Region’s Awards Presentation. Our goal is to open the village to NH’s finest Samaritan’s. Meet Ski Patrollers from all over the state, enjoy the comradery of fellowship, exchange stories about the season, honor those deserving of awards for their hard work and effort.

1:00 – 2:00 PM Reception and Cocktail Hour
2:00 – 3:30 PM BBQ Luncheon Buffet
3:30 – 5:30 PM Awards Presentation

After the event, feel free to visit the Village and its many restaurants and pubs with both old friends and new acquaintances. Please save the date on your calendar. Registration is officially open, at any time you may click this link to purchase tickets:

Buy Tickets Now

We worked hard to price this event affordably. Register early to receive a discount. Children fourteen and younger attend for free.

$29.95/person (children 14 and under are free)

Congratulations To All….

The Patrollers of the Eastern Division, including those from New Hampshire, proudly stepped up, voted, and elected the “Slate of Five” National Board Candidates previously discussed on this post, on the Division Website, at your refreshers, and on...

Welcome Back…

Hello New Hampshire,

While we are just beginning the 2017/2018 season (and some resorts are still not operating yet), I feel like we are already in mid-season given all of the activity. With a full OEC class, an MTR 1 clinic, an Instructor Development class, refreshers, and several Region meetings, all having been completed, it has been a very active fall. Add to that the National Board election and its associated meetings, discussions and conference calls, and it’s easy to understand how ski patrolling is stretching beyond the typical mid-December to March timeframe.

With regard to the National Board election, regardless of the outcome, there are some much needed “thank you’s” to be given: To the New Hampshire Region Staff for being so supportive and willing to carry out the election messaging; to Patrol Directors for welcoming and allowing Region Staff precious time at refreshers to discuss the election and its issues, and for their encouragement of their Patrollers to exercise their right to vote; and, lastly, to all New Hampshire Region Patrollers, for your willingness to listen to us, the thoughtful questions that you asked, and your desire to do the right thing to protect this organization that we all love. However, As I cautioned the groups that I spoke with this fall, this is not a one-and-done exercise. The commitment that you all demonstrated this year in working to understand the National issues, and especially how they impact you and your Patrol (and they do), will, unfortunately, need to be carried forward. While we will be there carrying the message, we will need you to do the heavy lifting…….continue to ask questions and continue to vote.

I would also like to call your attention to our completely redeveloped website, in case you had not taken notice. The redesign incorporates easier navigation, new information, and a cleaner, more modern design. The site is where you will find our calendar of events, online registration, and contact information. While a number of people had input into the design, Northern Section Chief 0rest 0har is owed the Region’s gratitude for his extensive time and effort in carrying out the technical redevelopment. Check it out!!!

As noted above, several training classes/clinics have already been completed this fall. This, really, is a testament to the knowledgeable and dedicated training staff we are lucky to have here in New

NSP 2017 Elections Are Now Open — introducing the “Slate of Five”

Once again it’s NSP Voting Season. The NH Region will feature many news articles on top of the website’s NEWS page during this period. Voting opens today and runs through the first day of December.

NSP just finished mailing the election insert in the Fall 2017 edition of SKI PATROL Magazine. Their goal is to inform you about all the candidates running for office. They also maintain a special website called “Meet the Candidates” where platforms are published. Please read about the candidates and consider contacting them with questions. Phone numbers and emails are published.

Eastern Division NSP has also begun a candidate information campaign to advocate for the election and reelection of the National Board Representatives from our local division. However, instead of advocating for just our local candidates, Eastern Division decided to review the nationwide candidates and encourage us all to vote for the best candidates with the best track record for guiding NSP into the future. They have chosen a geographically diverse “Slate of Five” candidates.

Young Adult Patroller’s take on Bolton Valley in Vermont

Prepared for anything, NH Region Young Adult Patroller’s (YAP) eagerly arrived at Bolton Valley in Richmond, Vermont for the Eastern Division Young Adult Patroller’s Seminar on Friday, March 17. With recent storms providing over 20 inches of new snow, the group spent most of the morning and afternoon on the slopes, running the bull wheels ragged. Dinner in the Athletic Center came after check-in, and the YAP’s made their way to their first meeting focusing on Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) equipment required for all events, throughout the weekend. Their packed schedule included training, preparations, skill tests, games, and a bit of friendly social gathering with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, woven into the mix.

Roger H. Damon, Jr. – 70 Years Active Service as an NSP Member

Uploaded 06-24-2011 229On May 28, 2016 (the hottest day of spring thus far), my wife Susan and I trekked up to Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington to attend the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol’s (MWVSP) end-of-season activities. It was a beautiful day and, while the parking lot at Pinkham Notch was full, we did not encounter very many skiers/hikers on the trail. A few intrepid skiers headed up into the bowl, but with limited terrain and dangerous icefall, the retreat back down was pretty quick.

February Clinic Schedule

The following clinics are being offered by the NH Region during the month of February 2016. Detailed information on each of these events can be found by clicking on the Calendar tab above. Don’t miss out…..season is going fast……register...

January Clinic Schedule

Hi Everyone – Happy New Year!!

The following clinics are being offered by the NH Region during the month of January 2016. Detailed information on each of these events can be found by clicking on the Calendar tab above. Don’t miss out……

Let it Snow!!!

Although, for the moment, Mother Nature is not cooperating with abundant snows, or with the fine men and women that work so hard to cover our slopes with snow, I know that the members of the NH Region will be prepared when called upon, as our membership has for more than 75 years. The refreshers are complete, we have practiced evacuating our lifts, and our skis are sharpened, waxed, and ready to go. Welcome to a brand new season.

Snow or not, the NH Region has been busily preparing for the season seemingly since the last chair raised the last patroller for the last run of the 2014/2015 season. These efforts